Deploying to mainnet with AZLE_AUTORELOAD=true will expose your canister to arbitrary untrusted JavaScript code execution

You can turn on automatic reloading of your canister's final compiled JavaScript by using the AZLE_AUTORELOAD environment variable during deploy:

AZLE_AUTORELOAD=true dfx deploy

The autoreload feature watches all .ts and .js files recursively in the directory with your dfx.json file (the root directory of your project), excluding files found in .azle, .dfx, and node_modules.

Autoreload only works properly if you do not change the methods of your canister. HTTP-based canisters will generally work well with autoreload as the query and update methods http_request and http_request_update will not need to change often. Candid-based canisters with explicit query and update methods may require manual deploys more often.

Autoreload will not reload assets uploaded through the assets property of your dfx.json.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that setting AZLE_AUTORELOAD=true will create an update method in your canister called reload_js that has no authorization built into it. If you deploy this to mainnet, anyone will be able to call this method and change the JavaScript of your canister.